All species prefer a light spot. No direct sunlight! Will therefore also do well on the North side. The ideal temperature is between 18°C and 26°C. In the wintertime, watering once a week is sufficient. Water twice a week in the summertime. The plant requires slightly more water when in bloom!
In regarding to feeding the plant; once per year a small amout of fertilizes is more than enough.


It is better to move the plants to a (preferably bigger) container when they grow older. There are only limited requirements regarding the soil; normal potting soil is enough. Note: never re-pot them during blossom.

Cutting shorter

Cut the tendrils shorter when they are growing too long. You can even make a whole new start by cutting them up until the edgte of the poting container. Make sure to always leave a pair of leaves; this gives the plant the opportunity to sprout again.


The Aeschynanthus is, of course, a hanging plant and is to be used as such. In the past many plant were hung, but nowadays plants are more often placed in a tall vase-like pot. The possibilities for this are endless. Any garden centre or florist carries an assortment of tall vase-like pots that will be suitable for this plant.
Consider pots of different heights, shapes, colour, synthetic materials or ceramics. Our Aeschynanthus is already equipped with a pot which can easily be repotted into such pots. Our plant is also available with a special (cheap) synthetic standard. This standard elevates the plant by about 20cm and is ready for use.